7:30 pm – Oliver’s Deal

Directed by Barney Elliott | Peru, USA / 2014 / 97 minutes |North American Premiere | In English and Spanish with subtitles

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oliversdealposter.gifSet against a backdrop of international finance and intrigue in New York and Peru, Oliver’s Deal weaves an intricate tapestry of exploits, corruption, familial bonds, and human redemption that is as heartrending as it is troubling. Oliver Campbell, an American businessman played sympathetically by Stephen Dorff, finds himself torn between the icy corporate CEO portrayed to the tee by Academy Award nominee David Strathairn, and the poverty stricken Peruvian boy who tends the family’s sheep and llamas while dreaming of a new life. Though cold hard greed propels the story, the suffering that eventually seeps in alters the trajectory and softens the hearts of some of the more hardcore characters. In this intense drama that keeps you speculating throughout the interwoven stories, we see people from vastly different walks of life facing situations no one has prepared them for. With a gifted international and American cast and outstanding cinematography, director Barney Elliot tells a story that is unpredictable, emotional and ultimately questioning whether the end can justify the means.

– Svetlana Krotek