Volunteering for the Rosendale Theatre Collective

The Rosendale Theatre is an almost entirely volunteer-run organization.  Volunteers do the programming, the marketing, and the day-to-day operating of the theater.  There are many opportunities to volunteer with the theater, and volunteers are always needed!  This is an open Collective, always accepting and encouraging new members to join.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Rosendale Theatre Collective, please fill out our online form and Laurie Giardino, our volunteer coordinator will contact you with details.  You can also email us at volunteer@rosendaletheatre.org if you have any questions about volunteering.

  • Please let us know if there are any skills that you have that are not included in the previous list.








Below are a list of some of the positions you can volunteer for:


We are looking for staff to volunteer at least one shift per month, if you like to go to the movies every week, this is a great way to see the new release for FREE! People that volunteer for a shift every week get extra brownie points!

Shifts vary: Volunteers usually get to the theatre 45 minutes before the film and stay 15-25 minutes after the film ends.


Staff willing to serve as shift supervisor oversee 2-3 additional volunteers per shift, and are responsible for making sure new volunteers are walked though responsibilities at the beginning of the shift, account for the night’s takings and process ‘the bank’ for deposit.

Feel free to write and schedule a 90 minute training and ‘learn the ropes’ as well as sign up to serve as shift supervisor for the upcoming month!


Another way to volunteer with the Collective is to serve on one of the committees. Please contact Director, Ann Citron, info@rosendaletheatre.org  for information on joining Operations, Fundraising, Marketing, Programming, or Tech.


The Marketing Department requires volunteers who are either mobile or able to telecommute and comfortable with computers. Staffing needs include:

  • We need people to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • We need graphic designers who can create ads and posters.
  • We need people who can distribute flyers and posters for upcoming events throughout the area.  It is necessary to have your own transportation.
  • Outreach: For those more experienced in marketing we need people to help us get better at outreach!

Shifts are flexible and activities may be done within each volunteers own availability.

These positions are great for people with busy schedules, big commutes, those who want to volunteer from home or those interested in learning about marketing!


Be a part of the most “rewarding” committee – Fundraising. While fundraising is a momentous task, the individual responsibilities will be broken down so that each person will have something relatively simple and potentially quite fun that relates directly to their interest. Also, this approach allows volunteers to have a crystal clear idea of how much time they will need to dedicate. Since there are a number of small tasks, feel free to add yourself on to more than one. If you are currently on this committee, or doing this work already and want to continue, please still sign up here where your desires fit so I can be clear what you want to do.


For those who like events: Do you like to throw parties, do you want to hobnob with the rich and famous? We need you to plan 1 event for the year. Perhaps you want to plan a race, organize pot lucks, an art show, a yard sale. Do you know a performer who would donate his or her time and do a fundraising show? Do you want to reach out to our fabulous board of advisors and organize an event for them? How cool would that be?
Looking for: 4-6 event planners who each want to produce an individual event


Are you a sales person? For those who feel connected with the businesses of the area or want to be. We have the options for businesses to advertise with us and/sponsor events. We need you to contract with just 2 businesses a month. You sell two spots or get two sponsors and then you sit back until the next month. Easy, breezy.

Looking for: 4-6 business sales people


Do you like to write? Do you like writing grants or want to learn? Or are you a big picture person who prefers to know what grants are out there and likes to keep things organized? We need you to write 1 grant a year. It can be for the same funder so this just gets easier and easier. We have the basic formula you just need, with help if you want, to get it written and sent by the time it is due.

Looking for: 1 grant manager, 4-6 grant writers


Are you the organized type? Can you keep track of a simple Excel file and send out membership packets to new members or prospective donors? We need a couple of folks (two friends would be great) who will be alerted when there is a new member and sends off that member’s membership swag. This position will likely be busiest in September when we first announce the membership. You and a pal can spend a day putting together packets to mail, then for the rest of the year divide and conquer. Each person takes a different membership level. Someone signs up on our website or at the theater, you are informed and a packet goes out. As simple as that.
Looking for: 2 membership managers


We need a regular pool of people who are willing to help with the upkeep of the theatre. We need people to paint, refinish, prep, clean, do construction, etc. We will provide materials and training as needed.
We need 2-3 people willing to volunteer to come in when we are closed to maintain the theatre in good working order.


If you are interested in volunteering please e-mail: volunteer@rosendaletheatre.org

Thank you for joining us in this exciting and important project!

Thank you for helping us purchase and preserve the Rosendale Theatre.

Please share this with anyone you know who loves the Rosendale Theatre!