with live accompaniment by Marta Waterman
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Colleen Moore plays “Pink” Watson, a girl who dreams of a life better than that of a telephone operator at a cement factory. Things look up when she lands a job as an operator at the Ritz Hotel which is full of rich old men looking to turn their “forty year old wives in for two twenties.” Colleen finds that she can fit that bill very nicely. Look for a seven year old Mickey Rooney, in his first film role, playing an adult midget.

The plot of “Orchids” was a familiar one to Colleen. Films such as “Ella Cinders” solidified her as a Modern Cinderella, a plot line that resonated with the “get rich quick” 1920’s. The film was shot on location in New York City despite the rainy weather which shows up in many scenes. Although not as well known as other Silent Film actresses, Moore’s work has not been totally forgotten and her 1926 film “Ella Cinders” was was selected for preservation by the National Film Registry in 2013.