11:00 am – 12:30 pm | Free Admission | Panel Discussion

Part of the mission of the League of Women Voters is to ensure that voters are informed. The League finds the current state of the news and the discourse around it to be cause for concern. In our upcoming program “Fake News, Attacks on the Media, and the First Amendment,” the League hopes to educate voters on how to identify fake news and provide a background of its use throughout history. Another goal of the program is to respond to some of the attacks on the media and explain how they can be damaging. Lastly, we hope to provide an understanding of the First Amendment and how the freedom of the press is vital to our democracy.

Speakers at the program include: Geddy Sveikauskas, Publisher, Ulster Publishing; James H. Ottaway, Jr, retired Senior VP from Ottaway Newspapers Inc, a subsidiary of Dow Jones & Co., Inc.; Carrie DeCell, from the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University; and Philip Scepanski, Professor of Media Studies at Marist College.