7:15 pm – 9:45  | $10

– BARBARA BASH, calligrapher, illustrator, author, performance artist – The Leap to Letters; The Evolution
from Natural Forms, to Pictograms, to Letters
– SARAH URECH, assistant director of the Omega Women’s Leadership Conference, actress, vocalist –
Playback Theatre, Presence, and Community-building
– ARTEM REPIN, Native-American style flute-builder – The Magic and Music of Emptiness


The Rosendale Theatre continues its Engaging Lectures with Everyday Experts Series (ELEE) on November 8th, where distinguished community members from different disciplines will give lectures based on their specific fields of work, passions, and creative process in attempts to inspire important conversations, unexpected collaboration, and inspired living. The evening will conclude with a panel discussion, whereby the evening’s speakers will be able to engage each other and questions from the audience regarding the evening’s theme. The ELEE series will bring relevant subjects and interesting speakers together, highlighting inter-disciplinary approaches, and inviting each and all of us to begin to see ourselves as “everyday experts” — whereby we pursue and spread our passions through the lives we live. Amidst the technological age in which we live, the value of human ingenuity is increasingly in our abilities to see across disciplines and synthesize meaningful conclusions and action. Through inter-disciplinary exploration, the ELEE series attempts to cultivate this new direction of human collaboration. The ELEE series will consistently bring inspired individuals together in real time on a monthly basis.
Preliminary Schedule:
December 13th:
– DAVID BROWNSTEIN, founder and executive director at Wild Earth – Nature-Based Education for All
– CASSIDY BARNES, inventor, mathematician, metal worker – The Mathematics of Nature and the Future
of Human Systems
– DIANA SEILER L.M.T, massage therapist, massage instructor, mindfulness instructor – The Origins of
Thai Massage, and the Future of Healing Touch in The Paradigm of Modern Medicine
For more information, please visit EngagingLectures.com, or contact host Eric Archer directly by email at EngagingLectures@gmail.com or by phone at 707.816.1334.