Best of British Theatre broadcast live to cinemas around the world! To purchase tickets in advance for any of these events by mail, (or consider the whole series as a gift), please send a check payable to the Rosendale Theatre Collective, Inc, att: NQ. Please memo: “name of play”, or “all four” and send to: […]

Cinemas In Solidarity

Across the globe, as people are taking to the streets to redefine and reclaim the world they live in, Cinemas In Solidarity join with them in proposing a new, different, and better world. We, too, are the 99%. In our mass-mediated world – where studios make endless sequels to sell tickets, where films treat audiences […]

Saturday Work Days are Working Out

Volunteers have been working hard to redesign the lobby of the Rosendale Theatre.  Donating their time and expertise on a few choice Saturday mornings made all the difference. Join Us.  Saturday dates are listed on our website in the SPECIAL EVENTS LINK.  There’s one coming up on November 12th!!!! Please contact Sam at if […]

New Poster-Sized Calendar Sponsored by

Tom Grasso and his dog Fred are at the theater to hang our new poster-sized, full-color calendar sponsored by  Tom is a volunteer on our Marketing Committee and thought, “It will be nice to have a beautiful color poster with the schedule displayed outside of the theater.” We agreed, but didn’t have it in […]

Use ’em or lose em’!

After a year and a half of new ownership, we will be retiring the Cacchios’ red tickets as of Dec 31, 2011.  Please spread the word!


There are many opportunities to volunteer with the theater, and volunteers are always needed! This is an open Collective, always accepting and encouraging new members to join.

Host a Potluck

HOST A POTLUCK for the Rosendale Theatre Collective. Last year we raised $10,000 with potluck fundraisers, let’s do it again!