7:15 pm | FREE ADMISSION | 1 hour 20 minutes | – Be our test audience! Fill out a survey, participate in the Q&A, Assist the artist in work-shopping and improving their piece.
This is an exchange between Hudson Valley artists and Moscow artists.
It is an experimental project, which involves dance improvisation, modern physical theatre and playback theatre.

The project’s performances include elements of dance improvisation and spontaneous creation of the viewers’ stories.  Stories come to life on stage in real time in the shape of physical performance and musical improvisation.

During these times of change we decided to meet with artists in the Hudson Valley and work together, to find connections in our lives as artists and as people. How can we be resilient in the face of global change for communities, countries, and the world. And how we can support each other more and collect strength by using ART? We will exchange experiences with each other and create a performance called: ” Times of Change: from Moscow to Rosendale.”
By coming together we will explore how to break the wall between audience and actors/musicians, between USA and Russia, and we will build bridges between us, between Physical Theatre and Improvisation, between audience stories and ART on the stage.

FROM RUSSIA: Anastasia Vorobyeva – actor of Physical Theatre and Playback Theatre, Social activist and Egor Utkin – dancer, actor of Physical Theatre and Playback Theatre.  FROM THE HUDSON VALLEY: Sarah Urech, originally from Switzerland, is a conductor and actor with Hudson River Playback Theatre for 22 years, Fre Atlast is a multi-instrumental performer, teacher, composer, foley artist, community activist, street priestess, and Founder of The Elders Drum Project, and Ann Belmont is a guitarist, vocalist, and bassist and is the musician for Hudson River Playback Theatre and Big Apple Playback Theatre.




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Logo_400 px Artists New Work Forum_Rosendale TheatreArtist’s New Work Forum is a new program at the Rosendale Theatre which provides an opportunity for artists, who may not have other opportunities or access to audiences, to present and workshop new work or works-in-progress to the public free of charge in the Rosendale Theatre.

–To celebrate new projects designed to encourage, engage, and financially assist emerging and established artists in the community.
–To connect audiences to artists, spark new ideas, introduce local, original voices, and build a community dedicated to independent art and storytelling.
–To provide audiences a first-look at exciting new films, plays and performances by local artists of the Hudson Valley.
–To assist in the development of new works, works-in-progress, and fundraising for an artist’s project and to support diverse projects when needed most.

There is no entry fee or audience admission fees. Entrants retain all rights. The artist must be present at the screening and participate in a Q&A immediately following, moderated by a member of the forum’s committee. It is the forum’s intention to provide a safe, constructive critique and experience for the artist. Artists are also asked to submit a survey to the audience, to fill out on the night of their event. Gauging audience reaction is a key element to work-shopping the piece and is at the core of this program.


logo Arts Mid-Hudson Tranpsparent BckgrndThis project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by Arts Mid-Hudson.