7:15 pm | 1h 17min | Documentary | Q&A with Sally Roy (in the audience) and Robert Herbert (live of via Skype) 

Have African Americans had a fair shot at the American dream? That’s the question acclaimed journalist Bob Herbert asks in the new documentary “AGAINST ALL ODDS: The Fight for a Black Middle Class.” In it he examines the often heroic efforts of black families to reach the middle-class in the face of unrelenting barriers

A documentary about the extraordinary difficulty African-Americans have faced in their efforts to establish and maintain a middle class standard of living. Nearly 40 percent of all black children are poor. And the black middle class remains proportionally much smaller and far less healthy than the white middle class. With a compelling narrative, dramatic historical footage and a series of deeply personal interviews, Bob Herbert shows why this is still the case a half century after the heyday of the civil rights movement.


Bob Herbert is an American journalist, author and op-ed columnist who wrote for The New York Times. His column was syndicated to other newspapers around the country. Herbert frequently writes on poverty, the Iraq war, racism and American political apathy towards racism.   He’s currently writing a novel and stageplay.

Sally Roy is an executive producer at Public Square Media working on feature documentaries. Previously, she was executive producer of Moyers & Company. She’s been producing weekly news and public affairs television since 2001 on NOW with Bill MoyersBill Moyers on Faith & Reason and Bill Moyers Journal after a decade of working on feature films, including EndurancePipe DreamEd’s Next MoveThe Kid Stays in the Picture and The Producers. She loves the challenge of figuring out how to make creative things work.