4:00 pm | 18 minute short film | $3

Script Supervisor/Physical Commedienne Emily Carragher makes a striking & beguiling directorial debut with her new short film, ADULT CHILDREN, an intimate portrayal of the extraordinary relationship between two childhood friends and how one copes with the abrupt and unexplained loss of the other.
Inspired by true events, the film was shot in New Paltz and Gardiner, New York, utilizing local Hudson Valley cast and crew. Directing from a deeply personal place, Carragher crafts a vivid, emotional slice of naturalism with precision and confidence, all the while using extremely limited resources. “I set out to make a movie that wasn’t low-budget”, says the filmmaker, “It was no-budget.”
The story revolves around a troubled young woman named Jillian, still reeling from the unexpected suicide of her closest friend, Joe. In an effort to maintain normalcy, she runs daily, takes care of Joe’s old dog, goes to therapy, and wonders why he never reached out to her about his depression. Bereft of any answers, Jillian travels through a painful – and beautifully cathartic – journey of acceptance.
“It’s about who you leave behind when you act so impulsively, when you’re in so much pain, that you can’t think or see past it to who you may hurt”, the writer-director explains. “As a director, I wanted to capture the insanity of grief.”
The 18 minute film stars Jessica Barry, Richard Malvey, and Rosalyn Cherry.
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