Volunteer of the Week – Fre Atlast
Fre serves on the Board of Directors, many committees, and works as a shift leader at the nightly films. She is at the theater almost daily making sure things are running smoothly!

When did you first come to the Rosendale Theatre?
The first movie I saw at the theatre was ET in 1983.
My nephew Dakota was 2 years old and he sat on my lap the whole time.

Why do you volunteer for the Rosendale Theatre?
I volunteer at the theatre because it is a wonderful way to support the Rosendale community and meet new people.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the Bronx, with a movie theatre at the corner. 50 cents to be there all day. Filled with 200 kids and one poor woman with a flashlight trying to keep us quiet.

What is your favorite movie
My favorite movie is the Secret Life of Plants and Lacho Drome.

What do for a living and/or want to be when you “grow up”?
I play drums and teach music and I hope I never grow up.

What words do you try and live by or what is you life philosophy?
My philosophy, to be of service for the highest good of all and..Magic is the ability to be in Harmony with change..

Anything else you would like everyone to know about you?
I am a long time supporter of Public Access television and would love to see Rosendale public access TV established in our community in the future.