Judge Bob Vosper is on hand for just about anything needed at the Rosendale Theatre.  He has cleaned bathrooms, made repairs, buys our concessions, and he and his wife Jo Shuman work at the movies once a month. He has been an invaluable volunteer since the start of the Rosendale Theatre Collective.
When did you first come to the Rosendale Theatre?
In 1979.
Why do you volunteer for the Rosendale Theatre?
Nuttin’ else to do.
Where did you grow up?
Howard Beach, Queens, NY.
What is your favorite movie?
To Hell and Back.
What do for a living and/or want to be when you “grow up”?
I’m a judge. Around the world in 80 days.
What words do you try and live by or what is you life philosophy?
Truth before honor.