7:30 pm  |  $15
Advance tickets at:
http://bpt.me/2514028 or call (845) 626-2427

When the beloved Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem —creator of the book and characters on which Fiddler on the Roof is based —died 100 years ago, his last will and testament asked for his fans to honor his memory with annual readings of his works, in whatever language.

Jewish Currents magazine fulfilled that request at the Rosendale Cinema four years ago and sold out the place.

Our new edition of the Sholem Aleichem Variety Show comes bacl to Rosendale on Tuesday, April 12th, for an evening of music, performance, storytelling, video, and great Jewish jokes — including rapid-fire Jewish cabaret songs by Daniel Cainer, and readings and skits by Mikhail Horowitz (with Gilles Malkine), Ann Citron, and Lawrence Bush. The evening will include of course, works by the master, Sholem Aleichem.

There will be noodle kugel and tea instead of popcorn and soda (unless you want both), a free gift to everyone who attends, and an uproarious time. Bring your hanky.