Presented by the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Community
7:15 pm | 1 hr 45 min | NR

If you’ve never attended a lecture by Freddy Silva, this is your chance to experience one of the world’s best presenters in action. If you have, it’s a chance to relive the knowledge and humour of these memorable events.

Ancient temples, pyramids, 15-foot tall architects, navels of the earth, Templars, Vishnu, Siva, paradise, geometrically-aligned holy mountains, the angle of manifestation, the Followers of Horus, Freemasons, the great flood, Washington DC: they’re all in this presentation. And what’s more, they’re all connected.

Described as “perhaps the best metaphysical speaker in the world right now” (Universal Light Expo), Freddy Silva presents one of his most dramatic lectures to date, in which he examines how elite members of the ancient Mysteries Schools created a global network of temples and other energy hotspots whose purpose was, and continues to be, the transformation of the human soul through self-realization. They described these places of power as windows into paradise. Could temples be the answer to our age-old quest to locate this state of bliss?

Originally filmed at the Prophets Conferences’ 2013: Day One, and based on material from his ground-breaking book Common Wealth: The Origin of Places of Power and the Rebirth of Ancient Wisdom, this presentation incorporates live footage of temples and a cornucopia of images of sacred places from around the world.

A fast-paced, fully-loaded tour de force that will leave you breathless. And enlightened.



Introduction to Sacred Space
Friday August 2, 7:00 PM – 9:00 pm
Marbletown Community Center, 3564 Main St, Stone Ridge
$10.00 Suggested Donation

Temple Making Workshop
Saturday August 3, 9:30 AM – 5:00 pm
MaMA, 3588 Main St, Stone Ridge
$290.00 per person
Templemaking, an ancient wisdom workshop that teaches the principles for creating your very own portal. Spend a full-day learning what lies behind the world’s most powerful sacred sites, and the secrets of subtle energies tat create place of power, healing and invocation. With two decades of direct experience, Freddy Silva has created this unique workshop in which you will learn the Seven Principles of Templemaking: how to attract energy, now to apply the power of intent, the correct use of stone, orientation, crystals, sacred measure and sacred geometry. You will even practice by making a stone circle and measuring its energy throughout the day. You can apply this practical magic in your home, or in a garden, even across an entire city. And when you do, you will discover just what it means to be a rue co-creator.