4:00 pm | $7/$5 members | 1 hour, 55 minutes | PG | Animation, Action, Adventure

A fundraiser for the Family Services Family Education Program.
The Family Education Program is featuring a movie in honor of how INCREDIBLY important it is to support parents. Local families can enjoy some quality time together for a reasonable price and view this wonderful film that reminds us all that parents truly are superheroes doing the most important job.
The Family Education Program of Family Services provides home and group-based parenting education to families in Ulster County who are at risk of having a child or children placed in foster care due to allegations of abuse or neglect. Most of the families are struggling to overcome poverty, social stigma and generational patterns of abuse and neglect. Most parents want to be good parents and, given the right tools can achieve success and self- sufficiency.  The program employs a strength-based family-focused approach and embraces a re-parenting model. One cannot know how to nurture unless they themselves have been nurtured. The FEP offers supportive modeling and coaching of effective parenting skills, using a variety of resources including the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Program, helping parents and children learn to communicate in ways that strengthen bonding and avoid conflict. Children don’t come with instructions, but Family Educators do!  Strengthening families strengthens communities.
The goal is to move families out of the child welfare system and on their way to self-sufficiency so that they focus on what is important, nurturing children and raising nurturing adults.