7:15 pm | $5 | Documentary | Jon Bowermaster’s new multi-media film series that looks at risks to our river and valley (Bomb Trains, Indian Point, Pipelines, PCBs, Anchorages and more!!

Tuesday, Jan 3, the post-screening Q&A will be with:
Jen Metzger, from the town of Rosendale talking Pipelines, specifically the plans for the Pilgrim Pipeline; Manna Jo Greene of Clearwater, talking Indian Point and more; and Betta Broad, from the New Yorkers for Clean Energy Project talking renewables.
On Wednesday the 4th,
Manna Jo will be back and joined by  Scott Gibson and Adam Loeb, talking about the crude oil connection between North Dakota/Standing Rock and New York.

For many years, the river, like so many waterways, was treated like an infinite waste barrel, a receptacle for poisonous chemicals, hazardous waste, trash of all descriptions. But in the past forty years, thanks to a committed group of environmentalists and their agencies (Riverkeeper, Scenic Hudson, Clearwater and more) the river has become markedly cleaner. While the river is still an under-utilized natural resource, increasingly it is used by boaters, kayakers, even swimmers as a recreational playground.

But the river, in the words of Riverkeeper’s John Lipscomb, has “had a foot on its neck” for more than one hundred years and still today, despite the efforts to clean it up, there are environmental risks and concerns.

Since it is our hometown river here at Oceans 8 Films (our headquarters are in the Hudson Valley), we decided to take a look at several of the more prominent risks.

Our web series is a collection of series of videos accompanied by text, photos, charts, graphs and maps illustrating these risks to our river.