$10 Online Streaming Rental | Documentary | 1h 30m | A percentage of  your ticket purchase directly supports Rosendale Theatre |
Click Here to rent the film https://www.ayurvedaunveiled.com/autheatercomstream.html

At once an inspirational journey and a definitive resource, the film weaves together the history and essence of Ayurveda with a detailed examination of the underlying philosophy and its unparalleled ability to harmonize our inner and outer world. A life in perfect balance!

With contributions from the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners amidst locations of intoxicating beauty, what emerges is a rich tapestry of India’s timeless yet relevant system; an all-encompassing science for enhancing life.

Empowerment begins here.

The Holistic Health Community of Stone Ridge offers film showings in collaboration with the Rosendale Theatre Collective, co-sponsoring the screening of films related to health and well-being.