2:00 pm | $6 | (1927) | comedy/Drama/romance | 1h 17m
Silent Film with Live Piano Accompaniment by Marta Waterman

“Look at Clara, laugh at the title cards and look at Clara again.” – Movies Silently

This film alone serves as ample explanation for why Clara Bow will forever remain a Hollywood legend. – John A Nesbit

“Her presence is magnetic, embodying the franticness of a frantic era. Watching It you’re sorry again that the Jazz Age had to come to an end.” – Jake Euker

Clara Bow, the quintessential flapper, is captured at the height of her charm in this definitive Jazz Age romantic comedy. Inspired by a story by Elinor Glyn, who uses the simple pronoun to encapsulate the spirit of the sexually-liberated youth of Prohibition-era America. Betty Lou (Bow) plays a saucy lingerie salesgirl who sets her sights on the handsome owner (Antonio Moreno) of the department store in which she works and leads him on a romantic chase from the Hotel Ritz to the whirling attractions of Coney Island, finally crashing a high-society yacht party in a last-ditch effort to get her man.

Unlike the sexless starlets or cool beauties that populated the silver screen, Bow played the sexual aggressor in her films, that was a daring deviation from female passivitiy. This revolutionized the role of women not only in cinema, but in society as well. In “It”, Bow’s gregarious personality and striking beauty are brilliantly showcased, making it easy to understand how she became Hollywood’s most popular leading lady of the late 1920s.

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