2:00 pm | Q&A with director Susan Hamovitch after the film

Stood for the Storm will have its New York State premier at the Rosendale Theater. Stood for the Storm, by prize winning documentary film maker, Susan Hamovitch, is the story of Susan Boutwell LaGrange, who was one of those who “stood for the storm,” by which was meant did not evacuate. Sue managed to survive Hurricane Katrina by the skin of her teeth.

Stood for the Storm is a unique film for its time spent with it characters. The film lingers for four years in the home of Susan and her small family, as well as the community of St. Bernard Parish, LA where they live. Sue and her family lived a nickel away from poverty before the storm. And so Katrina not surprisingly dramatically impacts their financial status. They’re dead broke. Yet Sue clutches Quixotic hopes for a “move up” in the world, taking advantage of the rock bottom prices of the gutted houses that have now flooded the market. But she faces countless unanticipated obstacles that make her question the very premise of social mobility. Some if not most are connected to long-held perception of race still holding strong in this part of Louisiana. And then there’s the rest of life. Blindsided by the storms of her adolescent daughter, as well as a newly unemployed husband, she is often caught wondering what life has to offer any more. The film isn’t always easy to watch, but on this 10th anniversary. Stood for the Storm is ultimately a rich and valuable exploration into the complexities of survival in our stratified society.

For more information please visit the website http://stoodforthestorm.com

Trailer – STOOD for the STORM from Susan on Vimeo.