2:00 pm | Adventure, Comedy, Drama | 1 hr 35 min

“It is the quintessential Chaplin/Little Tramp film, with a balance of slapstick comedy and pantomime, social satire, and emotional and dramatic moments of tenderness” (Tim Dirks).

Inspired by a stereoscopic image of miners lined up to cross the Chilkoot Pass, Chaplin conceived The Gold Rush as his first epic-scale production and follows a prospector’s search for fortune in the Klondike and his discovery of romance. The result is his comedic masterwork that firmly established Chaplin’s iconic Little Tramp character and was Chaplin’s favorite film.
Shot partly on location in the Sierra Nevadas; but mostly at Chaplin’s studio (due to Chaplin’s methodical filming style), The Gold Rush features such timeless gags as the dance of the dinner rolls and the meal of boiled shoe leather. It is an enduring work of comedy and pathos.

The Gold Rush been masterfully restored by Criterion with such beauty and clarity that it “puts all previous editions of this great film to shame” (Dave Kehr). It is accompanied by a 5.1 Dolby Digital recording of Chaplin’s score, as reconstructed and conducted by Timothy Brock.

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