7:00 pm | $10/$5 kids

This Winter Solstice event is a multi-media performance featuring music, storytelling, dance, art and myths about the shortest day of the year and the changing of the seasons.

The program is under the direction of Carrie Wykoff, Fre Atlast and Richard Schwab. The cast features eleven eight to twelve-year-olds from the Rosendale, Stone Ridge, and New Paltz area.

Opening the evening will be The Wild Irish Roses, a true family band featuring a
Mom, a Dad, and eight kids. The evening will culminate in a sing-along.

A few of the tales are from the Celtic tradition, and the cast wrote much of the script.

“We are very proud of the cast of this show, they have all been working so hard” states Carrie Wykoff, the Director of the Youth Arts program. “We are eagerly at work creating a performance that emulates community and the light, in honor of the Winter Solstice. The audience will be invited not just to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show but also to lean forward, engage and start changing the world for the better through art, music, and theater.”