3:00 pm | $15 in advance and $20 at the door

A mindful, musical happening and interactive art performance to support the evolution of human consciousness…
Amy McTear, Author, Musician, Mentor and Inspirational Speaker, invites you to participate in the Spring Odyssey, an interactive, transformational event to empower you to claim your most inspired life. In these wildly transformative times, more than ever we need these touchstones to keep us on track with our individual & collective purpose. This is a time to reach across the divide and unite around our common longing for a better world. A powerful synthesis of original music, poetic verse, interactive singing and group toning, ambient electric guitar & bass, crystal singing bowls, symphonic gong, flute, drums, keyboard, spoken word and silence.

Guest musicians: Michael Ponte, Steve Gorn, Rob Norris, Hektor Bee, Joseph Jastrab, Dona Ho Lightsey & Molly Tweedy.

Tickets http://www.amymctear.com/events/ call 914-388-0632