3:00 pm РPart Two: Perestroika  |  $12/$10 members | 3 hours and 30 mins, with one interval

A gay fantasia on national themes by Tony Kushner

Andrew Garfield stars as Prior Walter alongside Nathan Lane and Olivier Winner Denise Gough in the National Theatre’s revival of Tony Kushner’s sprawling saga of the AIDs epidemic in 1980’s New York City. As Prior’s illness develops he begins to have heavenly visions where angels seek him out as a prophet. Meanwhile, his ex -over Louis struggles with his guilt over leaving him at his most vulnerable, whilst carrying on a relationship with Joe, a closeted Mormon Republican who’s own inner turmoil has made his wife Harper mad.

Clocking in at an epic six hours, this Pulitzer prize winner meditates on many themes and intersecting stories. Layered and symbolic, it’s as much an examination of the AIDS epidemic as it is a look at living in Regan’s America. Love, loss, grief and loneliness meld with religious metaphor and perhaps the most complex, politics.
What is it about?

At its heart Angels in America is about Prior’s struggle with AIDs, but it’s also the tale of four other people in his life as they navigate the highs and lows of self-realization, from battling with self hate from closeted homosexuality to finding a strength you never thought you had.