7:15 pm | R | 1 hr 33 min | Documentary, Biography, Music

On Tuesday night, the Zappa film will be introduced by none other than Paul Green, visionary founder of the Paul Green Rock Academy–the performance based, interactive music school in Woodstock–and huge Zappa fan. http://www.rockacademy.com/index.html

This film captures so much of the full throttle genius of our dad.  He was a misfit who was ahead of his  time  and  who  stayed  the  creative  course  against  all  odds.  I’m so grateful that this movie may reach even one person who commits (or recommits) to their inherent gifts regardless of the opposing messages the world can spew.

Rosendale Theatre continues its Music Fan Film Series with the critically acclaimed film Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words for two nights only. This will be the 23rd film in this curated film series, unique in the Hudson Valley.

Frank Zappa made his mark as a musician unlike any other in America. With a wild eccentric iconoclastic attitude guiding his distinctive music, which it was itself guided by a firm intellectual integrity, Zappa made himself an unforgettable force in popular music. This film covers his life and work through various archival footage through the decades. Whether it was his taboo challenging early creations, his outspoken efforts against the political forces determined to censor him or his constant quest for new artistic challenges, Zappa made a mark no one could ignore.

Written and directed by German filmmaker Thorsten Schütte and made in association with the Zappa family, the film gives us Frank Zappa in his own words, assembled from archival footage. 23 years after his death, he says what’s on his mind, quick-witted and irreverent, as he certainly did in the flesh. His music  provides the soundtrack to the film.

Eat That Question will be the 23rd film in Rosendale Theatre’s on-going curated Music Fan Film Series, unique in the Hudson Valley.

The series has presented documentaries, feature films and concert films, ranging from the classic Ornette Coleman film Made in America, to The Wrecking Crew, Amy, The Amazing Nina Simone, and most recently Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years, which drew a sold-out audience to Rosendale Theatre.