LIGHTHOUSE wins the Battle of the Bands and receives a spot on stage at the Rosendale Street Festival this summer! The members of Lighthouse are:

Matthew Conte – Bass
Andrew Cymbal – Piano and Vocals
Thor Shuhan – Guitar
Paul Maczaj – Drums
Lighthouse, winner of the PAVApalooza Battle of the Bands.






Ulster BOCES Pre-University New Visions Performing and Visual Art program (PAVA) produced a Battle of the Bands to showcase the musical talent of the class of 2014.  The competition happened at 8 pm, on Friday night, April 19, 2013 at the Rosendale Theatre.  Bands (any musical group of two or more members) were required to have at least one high school student from an Ulster County high school and may have adult members, as well.
All genres were encouraged to participate: Bach to rock, hip hop, a capella, jazz, blues, folk to funk!

“We want to showcase the talents of students from all across Ulster County in an event that will celebrate different styles of music and various combinations of musicians/vocalists,”  offers Melinda DiMaio, lead instructor for the Ulster BOCES New Visions Performing and Visual Art program.  In addition to creating a venue for young bands to perform, DiMaio is using PAVApalooza as a project based learning experience for her current students, who will be helping to produce the event.
PAVA alumni, Eli Wolf-Christensen will open the show and act as a celebrity judge, along with other alumni, musicians and music teachers from around the area.

The Ulster BOCES Pre-University New Visions Performing and Visual Art program is designed for college bound high school seniors interested in exploring careers in the arts.  Next year, Ulster BOCES will also include an Audio Engineering/Music Studio Production program in its Pre-University New Visions portfolio geared toward those interested in careers in music, audio engineering and production.