4:00 pm | Suggested Donation: $5 children/$10 Adults (proceeds to benefit the Center for Creative Education and Youth Arts @ The Rosendale Theatre). This program is sponsored by Sara McGinty Law. 415 Main Street Rosendale, NY.

 Rosendale, NY – The Center for Creative Education (CCE) and Youth Arts @ The Rosendale Theatre proudly premieres a new work, “Justice – Find Your Voice” on Saturday, February 27th at 4:00 PM at the historic Rosendale Theatre in honor of Black History Month. The show, a multimedia presentation featuring music, images and dance, has been created by CCE’s new touring performance team A.C.E. – Arts Commando Ensemble and features performers from the award winning Energy Dance Company, the Percussion Orchestra of Kingston (POOK) and SOL! (Sing Out Loud) under the direction of Bryant “Drew” Andrews, CCE Director.    
Using the arts as an opportunity for youth to voice their views, feelings and experiences on social challenges that exist today, “Justice – Find Your Voice”  uses a fun, energetic and multi-media approach toward providing local youth a platform to express themselves. Using performance art and imagery, the show uses various artistic disciplines to give voice to the sentiments of our young people.  “Expression through the arts helps to build confidence, decision-making, social skills, creativity and critical thinking, and the freedom to find your voice”. – Bryant ‘Drew’ Andrews, CCE Director.
“It is thrilling to have this new work debut at The Rosendale Theatre for Black History Month. We strive to create experiences that are entertaining as well as educational for all ages and this brand new piece does all of this more” said Youth Arts Director, Carrie Wykoff.
Drew Andrews shared that “Black history is American history. This piece depicts injustice against Black Americans as well as various social transgressions plaguing us today. We must understand injustice for one is injustice for all.”
For over 25 years, Center for Creative Education (CCE) has worked to enrich the social awareness of our youth and community through arts, wellness and cultural education. CCE programs use the arts to teach basic life skills such as persistence, teamwork, discipline, focus, mastery and respect. CCE places a strong emphasis on having a healthy mind and body, as well as the importance of education on the path to a productive and successful life. In addition to quality programming, CCE is the home of performance teams; Percussion Orchestra of Kingston (P.O.O.K), Arts Commando Ensemble (A.C.E), Sing Out Loud (S.O.L) and the internationally award winning Energy Dance Company.
Youth Arts @ The Rosendale Theatre is a new program focussed on presenting and creating arts education programs at the historic Rosendale Theatre. The program debuted in the summer of 2015 with a week long performance art and puppetry intensive culminating in a live performance of “Outbounders and Dreamers’ in collaboration with the Redwing Blackbird Theater. This Spring Youth Arts will have another week long intensive focussed on producing an excerpt from Debbie Lan’s (Grenadilla and Bloom) new upcoming full length musical, “Savanna Stories”. Future offerings will include workshops, trainings and performances for area youth in collaboration with Hudson Valley artists and organizations.