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Focused on several hardened offenders doing time at Dominguez State Jail, Inside Peace offers a rare look, not only inside the correctional facility, but inside the hearts and minds of the men featured. The film is the winner of several film festival awards, including three for Best Documentary, two Humanitarian awards and two Audience Choice awards.

Though many in society, law enforcement and the criminal justice system may have given up on them, this film poses the larger question of whether the men have given up on themselves and whether they can change – inside. At the core of the film is the Peace Class the men attend, initially as an excuse to get free pencils, paper and an hour of air conditioning in the sweltering heat of San Antonio, Texas. Eventually, though, it is their minds and spirits that become refreshed, through exposure to concepts such as reflection, inner strength and the possibility of real change – from the inside out.

At a time when the call for criminal justice reform is headline news and the number of incarcerated individuals is escalating in the US (currently 2.2 million behind bars), Inside Peace highlights a timely and humanitarian approach that demonstrates how peace education helps chronic offenders break the cycle of crime.

Filmmaker Cynthia Fitzpatrick, who has spent more than two decades as an editor for such award-winning TV series as The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Sex and the City, created this extraordinary work.

Said Fitzpatrick, “I wanted to share the stories of these individuals I came to know, whose lives touched mine as I watched them navigate the arduous journey from inside prison walls to their return home, a journey not only of outward release but of inner transformation.”


Inside Peace – Official Trailer from Studio View Productions on Vimeo.