The Donation of the Digital Projector at the Rosendale Theatre

In November, 2010 the Rosendale Theatre Collective was the recipient of a donation that allowed the movie theater to fully enter the digital age of film and multimedia. A brand-new Panasonic Large Venue DLP Projector with BriteOpticTM Dual-Lamp Technology was donated by Norma, Fern, and Liane Revzin in memory of Alfred E. Revzin, their beloved husband and father who worked for many years as a film projectionist in the Bronx, as did his father. It was installed in the renovated projection room, not far from the projectors that have played a large part in the history of the Rosendale Theatre.

Alfred E. Revzin

Alfred E. Revzin

The Revzin sisters have fond memories of times when they went to work with their father and watched as he diligently tended to the reel-to-reel projectors under his care. When he worked nights, his wife, Norma, would bring him a warm, home-cooked meal. The girls would prop themselves up on their elbows and watch the movie through the open window in the projection booth. Al, as their father was known, made sure the films were never interrupted by awkward reel changes or breakdowns, so that everyone could stay absorbed in and fully experience the magic of each movie, which he also loved.

His projectors were very similar to the equipment used to everyone’s great enjoyment in the Rosendale Theatre by “Uncle Tony” Cacchio for over 50 years.

The new Panasonic projector comes equipped with state-of-the-art features that help, among other things, to produce images with astonishing definition. Its superior brightness, image quality, reliability, and extended-time usability make it ideal for theaters like the Rosendale Theatre.

The Rosendale Theatre Collective is very grateful to the Revzin family for their invaluable gift.  It will help in so many ways to let the Collective realize its dreams for the Rosendale Theatre to be a vibrant, enhancing, and stimulating entertainment center, a showcase for the arts, a welcoming venue for artists, and a place of joy for the entire diverse community for years to come.    

In addition to her family’s donation of the digital projector, Fern Revzin is a dedicated Rosendale Theatre volunteer and made her commitment known early on when she had a 60th birthday party.  She writes, “When I was about to turn 60 last March 11th, I knew I wanted to celebrate, I knew I wanted a dance party & for everyone to have lots of fun and so the concept of  ‘Fern’s Birthday Bash’ emerged.  I was a ‘regular’ at the theater and had been involved with the Rosendale Theatre Collective’s  fund raising efforts since the early Fall.  I have deep routes in volunteerism, fund raising and ‘giving back.’  My Nana Esther was the ‘ultimate fund raiser’ for Hadassah!  She never went anywhere without a raffle book in her purse.  She would have an argument with the neighborhood butcher on Kingsbridge Road in The Bronx & then she would ask him to buy a raffle–and he did!  She and my mother would work tirelessly at bazaars & other find raisers.

“I tell you all of this so that you can understand where my need to ‘give back’ comes from.  I worked for over 30 years in the NYC school system and now, in retirement, I volunteer as much as I can.  So when I was planning my birthday bash a year ago, I loved going to the theatre & I already was involved with the Rosendale Theatre Collective.  I knew I didn’t need anything and I would ask that in lieu of gifts people make a donation to the Collective.  I believe about $2500 was collected from ‘Fern’s Birthday Bash,’ which, by the way, was on March 13, 2010 & the day of the monsoon in NYC! 

“The day before and after the weather was OK, but that day the weather was — awful!  Wind and hurricane force rain were fierce, trees were down everywhere (there were 13 trees down in my apartment complex!), highways were flooded, it was terrible and I would be having my big birthday bash on one of the worst days in history.  Some people canceled, everyone, including me, faced tremendous challenges getting to the restaurant, but most made it, including family & former students from NJ, Atlanta, San Antonio and Baltimore and we had a GREAT time!  The food, music & spirit were great and we danced the night away, including my 95 year old neighbor Ida!  On every table was the information of how to donate to the Rosendale Theatre Collective.”