1:00 pm | $6 MATINEE | 1h 33min | Documentary
Q&A with Emily Kingsley who is in the film on Weds, 10/17, 1 pm matinee

FAR FROM THE TREE is filmmaker Rachel Dretzin’s adaptation of author Andrew Solomon’s bestselling book, exploring how parents and children work to reconcile profound differences within the context of their families. An examination of the beautiful complexity of human experience, and inspired by Solomon’s own story of growing up gay, FAR FROM THE TREE features families who offer intimate access to how they experience surprise, resilience, sorrow, courage, hope, and joy. Families featured present the “challenges and rewards” inherent in raising a child with Down syndrome, autism, dwarfism and even homicidal sociopathy. It is also a richly drawn portrait of the power of diversity, challenging our conventional understanding of normalcy and celebrating the limitless potential of the human spirit in all of its wondrous forms.

10/17, 1:00 pm, Q & A afterward with Emily Perl Kingsley

Emily Perl Kingsley has worked in television since 1970, including 45 years as a writer for SESAME STREET (winner of 23 Emmy Awards).  She spearheaded the groundbreaking inclusion of individuals with disabilities and disability curriculum in SESAME STREET and has won dozens of awards for this work (including a Secretary’s Award from the United States Department of Health and Human Services). Parent of a son with Down syndrome, Emily has been an advocate and spokesperson for disability rights, giving countless lectures and presentations on “Inclusion in the Media.” Among other things, she is the author of the well-known inspirational essay “Welcome to Holland” and a CBS-TV Movie, ”Kids Like These,” starring Tyne Daly, Richard Crenna and five young actors with Down syndrome, Her son, Jason Kingsley, with his friend Mitchell Levitz, are the authors of the award-winning book COUNT US IN:GROWING UP WITH DOWN SYNDROME. Most recently, Emily and Jason are subjects in the Sundance Select documentary FAR FROM THE TREE.