2:00 pm | $12 / $10 members /$6 for 12 & under | 2 hr 20 min | Musical

Get a kick from the wild racket at the Rosendale Theatre with the screening of STOMP Live (2009). You’ll be amazed by how a whole lot of exuberance, a dose of irony, and a touch of genius can transform brooms, oil cans and toilet plungers–everyday objects from the home and workroom–into exquisite instruments for percussive dance. STOMP Live is the HD version of the popular Off-Broadway production, filmed in England at the Brighton Dome, that has astonished audiences world-wide since 1991. To cap-off the afternoon Joel Hanna and dancers from The Vanaver Caravan’s SummerDance in Tour will command the Rosendale Theatre stage with a merry rumpus of their own. Will the stage still be standing when they’re done?

Directed by Steve McNicholas who created STOMP with Luke Cresswell, STOMP Live in HD features the live stage performance of the international hit that originated in England. Dance meets rhythm in “Hands & Feet” and the cast takes to the air in “Suspension,” where the entire set becomes a musical instrument. The climax is a 10-min. extravaganza featuring the rhythms of trash cans, oil drums and trash-can lid “combat” sequences. STOMP has no words – everyone can understand it. It has little or no melody in the traditional sense, so it doesn’t matter if your taste in music is jazz, classical, dance or pop. STOMP is about rhythm, which is common to all cultures. Everyone knows rhythm, if only from the beating of their own heart – it is the basis of all music.

The Vanaver Caravan’s SummerDance on Tour!, in its 27th year, is a unique 3-week dance intensive for dancers, ages 9 through teens. With distinguished faculty the SummerDance on Tour! exposes students to a wide variety of dance forms and styles that will expand their perceptions and vocabulary in the world of dance while piquing performance skills.

Joel Hanna

Joel Hanna is an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer whose skill set is as impressive and diverse as his resume. With over 32 years in dance and 25 years in martial arts, he is a passionate humanitarian with a generous spirit who donates his talent to charitable causes close to his heart. In between shows and productions he is a sought after teacher and spends his time mentoring young emerging dancers through various award winning dance and higher education institutions as well as professional companies in North/Central/South America, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom.