2:00 pm | 1 hr 15 min | $12/$10/$6

Consisting of an all-African American cast, Dance Theater of Harlem’s Creole Giselle is a version of the classical ballet Giselle in which the story’s events are moved to 1840s Louisiana and given an Afro-Creole focus and historical perspective. During this time social status among freed blacks was measured by how far removed one’s family was from slavery; the community’s “aristocrats” looked down on those whose immediate family had been enslaved. Thus, in the DTH version, Giselle faces the same social obstacles and heartbreaking rejection by Albert and his family as their classical counterparts. DTH founder Arthur Mitchell created this ballet in keeping with his mission statement for his company: to present a ballet company of African-American and other racially diverse artists who perform the most demanding repertory at the highest level of quality. Creole Giselle stays true to Mitchell’s vision. Film of a live performance.

“Any dance lover who still has not seen it, should take a look” NY Times

“There is grace and beauty, sensitive filming and beautiful dancing. The characters are all very believable in their parts and perform superbly.” Michael Angelus