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Our 4 Year Anniversary!

Come tonight to the Theatre at 7:00 pm and raise a glass to toast the 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Rosendale Theatre Collective. Have a slice of cake too. There is no movie scheduled this evening, see you in the lobby at 7!!

CALLING ALL RECORD COLLECTORS! Rosendale Theatre’s July 4th Music Invasion Weekend

Rosendale Theatre wants to know what classic LPs you’ve got in your closet.

The theatre is mounting an exhibition of 50 Years of Classic LP Covers in its lobby to coincide with the “Music Invasion Film Festival” over the weekend of July 4th.

The curators are seeking the widest selection from Hudson Valley music fans in all categories: pop, jazz, blues, R & B, folk, rock n roll, rock, classical, novelty. The possibilities are endless—and very, very cool.

The total number of LP covers in the exhibition—using just about every square inch of the lobby walls–will be approximately 80.

The Theatre will take the greatest care with your LP cover (you will keep the vinyl record). All covers will be professionally hung similar to a photography exhibit, without any alteration to the item.

To submit your LP for consideration, please email the artist name and album title to musicinvasionrtc@gmail.com by JUNE 15!


We will always remember Richard “F Stop” Minisalli as our first president and founding board member, who worked tirelessly in the beginning years towards the creation of the Rosendale Theatre Collective. F Stop played a significant role in acquiring the theater, gaining non-profit status, raising money and responsible for many equipment upgrades. F Stop Fitzgerald was instrumental in closing the deal on the Rosendale Theatre Collective and the community has him to thank for our successes today. We could have never done it without him. Thank you F!

May is Membership Month At Rosendale Theatre!

Now is the perfect time to consider becoming a member of Rosendale Theatre! May is aso a great month to renew your membership with us! Please submit your membership application today or stop by the theatre and let our volunteer at the ticket window know that you would like to renew your membership. Thank you! We appreciate your support!
For more information about how your friends can also become members of our theatre, please visit our website’s membership page at: http://rosendaletheatre.dreamhosters.com/membership-2/

Summer Family Fun! Series

Click on the title for more info and advanced ticket purchasing. Looking for something fun to do with your family this summer? We have three live events to keep your family entertained! Here’s what we have scheduled for this summer:
Last in the series: August 9 at 11:00 am: Dog On Fleas LIVE


Write a message, memorialize a loved one, shout out a business – celebrate the arts and sponsor a chair at the Rosendale Theatre.

All proceeds go directly to the phase two renovations at the Rosendale Theatre.

The cost is $100 per plaque.

[Please click on the title “Sponsor-a-Chair” to get to the form you’ll need to fill out!]

Winning the Intuit Wheelchair Grant

THANK YOU! (click on the title for more…) Wish #11 has been granted! Congratulations to the Rosendale Theatre, a historic theatre built in the 1920’s. The community of Rosendale, NY has kept the theatre a neighborhood staple, in order to enable access for all they wished for funding towards a wheelchair ramp. Wish granted! Our […]

“No Business Like It” Doug Motel & Shiva Arms

From the Blog by Mary Lois Timbes New Life, New Paltz Life in the village of New Paltz, New York Wednesday, May 1, 2013 No Business Like It Six weeks ago I never heard of the guy. I had an appointment to work on my web page, in order to update, and as they say, […]

Click here to vote today for our wheel chair lift!



Small Business Growing Strong is granting 15 wishes to help small businesses spring forward this season. You may vote for each wish once a day. Wish granting begins May 6.

WAMC The Roundtable Interview

The Roundtable
Mon March 18, 2013, 10:35 am
The Rosendale Theatre Collective Open House

Nostalgia As a Way of Life

From the Blog by Mary Lois Timbes New Life, New Paltz Life in the village of New Paltz, New York Sunday, February 3, 2013 Nostalgia As a Way of Life

Exhibition – fine art series

EXHIBITION is a new theatrical series of events, bringing the world’s greatest art exhibitions to cinema screens worldwide. EXHIBITION will feature the world’s foremost upcoming art exhibitions, creatively captured especially for the big screen.

The EXHIBITION series begins with a career-encompassing collection of the works of Edouard Manet on exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in April.Second is a “once-in-a-lifetime” exhibition of the greatest number of Edvard Munch’s works ever, co-hosted by the National Museum and the Munch Museum in Oslo in June. The third exhibition set for screenings in October takes place at the National Gallery in London where audiences will see a unique perspective on the masterpieces of Johannes Vermeer. Each Event Film, hosted by art historian Tim Marlow, will go beyond the gallery with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

2013 Oscars Results and Rosendale Theatre

Here is a listing of the 2013 Oscar Awards for films that have screened or are scheduled to screen at Rosendale Theatre. (For a complete listing of all of the results, please visit oscar.go.com/nominees) Best Picture: Argo (screened Nov 2012) Costume Design: Anna Karenina (screened Feb 2013) Documentary Feature: Searching for Sugarman (screened Nov 2012) […]

Wreath Show Viewing!

You can view and bid on the WREATHS Saturday and Sunday between 12:00 pm and 9:00 PM. Located at both Canaltown Alley and the Rosendale Theatre’s lobby. Festive Gathering at 8:30 pm on Sunday, December 9 after the final performance of The Santaland Diaries. Click on the title for more information and catch a peek at some of the wreaths!

Make s Difference Day

WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS! Here is a group shot from a Saturday last month called, “MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY.” College students from SUNY New Paltz volunteered to clean and organize The Rosendale Theatre! They did an incredible job and we are so grateful for their dedication and commitment. Anyone can volunteer for the theatre, write […]

September Raffle Winner

The winner of the Rosendale Theatre’s September Raffle is Norman Goluskin.  The theatre collected a total of $426 which was split 50-50 between Mr. Goulsin and the Theatre.  Uncle Tony Cacchio picked the winning ticket out of a basket on September 30th.  The next 50-50 raffle will be held during the month of November.

Capital Campaign

The Rosendale Theatre is proud to present our renovation plans! Click on the above title to see more information!

Andy Garcia Skypes Live with the RTC Audience

Andy Garcia Skypes live with our theatre audience after viewing Dean Wright’s film, ‘For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada’ in which he starred. Our own volunteer Jan Melchoir, who does much of the theatre’s graphic design and is an avid horse lover asked Andy about the Friesian horse he rode in the film.

September Anniversary Month Specials

**Every Monday a member can bring a friend who can get in at the member’s price of $5.

**Free popcorn if you come to a show in your Rosendale t-shirt!

**All month long there is a 50-50 cash raffle.


co-hosted by Inquiring Minds Bookstore
All shows at 4:00 pm, $3.50 admission

A $100 donation to the local library with the most patrons participating in the Theatre’s summer children’s series: GREAT BOOKS MAKE GREAT MOVIES!
Books by our participating authors are on display now at Inquiring Minds book stores, who will host a mini-book store in the lobby during each film.
We’ll be asking the audience of each of our four summer films to drop their ticket stubs into the bucket of their home library, and after the last film we will count up the stubs and donate $100 to the winning library. Buy the books from Inquiring Minds and 15% of your purchase will be donated to the Rosendale Theatre Collective.


The old box office is now the new concession stand thanks to Sam Pierce and his group of Saturday work day volunteers!  YAY!!!! New plans for the lobby are taking shape!  Wait until you see what else is in store!  

Cinco de Mayo Parade at the Rosendale Theatre

Saturday, May 5, 2012 2:00 pm, FREE: Parade on Main Street led by the First Rosendale Improvement Brass Band and Social Club, (a circular parade starting at Redwing Blackbird Theater and ending at the Rosendale Theatre). The parade was followed by an amazing chain of events!!!!! What a great day for Rosendale! 3:00 pm, $5: […]

Occupy Hudson Valley Network Event: Connect the Dots

Fre Atlast and friends kept the beat going outside while inside the theatre a panel of Occupiers led a brief discussion on how people are bringing what was learned at Zuccotti Park back home to their own communities.  Also present were The Food Not Bombs Group handing out free food to any passerby curious enough […]

New Theatre Lighting

This Saturday work day resulted in an amazing transformation of our little community run theatre.  Sam Pierce of Production Resource Group donated and installed theatrical lighting for the Rosendale Theatre.  A nice crew turned out to help.  The new box office even received a new tile floor.  Get ready for the Rosendale Theatre Play Festival, […]




It was a success in 2011. Let’s do it again! Film and video makers who live in the Mid-Hudson region are invited to submit short (10-minute maximum) documentaries and dramatic works for exhibition at the Rosendale Theatre for the Second Annual Hudson Valley Short Flix Fest which will be held in conjunction with the Rosendale Street Festival on Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22, 2012.

Lucky for us, we’re digital

Some theaters are not so lucky.  Read this article from IndiWire to learn, “that nearly 20% of all theaters in North America will disappear because they can’t afford digital projection.”  We’re About to Lose 1,000 Small Theaters That Can’t Convert to Digital. Does It Matter? There is a lovely story behind a generous donation and […]

Winning Submissions! Rosendale Theatre Plays

Congratulations to the writers of the winning submissions for The Rosendale Theatre Plays Festival! In alphabetical order, they are: Jacqueline Ahl: GO ON Catherine M. Brown: WEEKENDER Laurence Carr: OPHELIA CORDELIA Richard Carrazzini: THE TEN~MINUTE DATE Robert Clem: UNCLE TONY Laura Shaine Cunningham: FLOP COP David Little: LET`S JUST SIT DOWN! Janet Neipris: PROTEST D. […]


Become a member and pay just $5 for nightly films! More information on the MEMBERSHIP link of this website.

Volunteer of the Week: Anita Peck

Volunteer of the Week: Anita Peck Anita was a large contributor in the very first days of the Rosendale Theatre Collective. She now volunteers at the theater at least twice a month and can always be counted on the lend a hand when she is needed. We are very grateful for her dedication to the […]

Volunteer of the Week: Bob Vosper

Judge Bob Vosper is on hand for just about anything needed at the Rosendale Theatre.  He has cleaned bathrooms, made repairs, buys our concessions, and he and his wife Jo Shuman work at the movies once a month. He has been an invaluable volunteer since the start of the Rosendale Theatre Collective. When did you […]

Members Event: Racing Daylight

7:15 PM | Wed. Jan 11, 2012 | Wine & Cheese Reception at 6:45 PM

All Rosendale Theatre members (those who have paid for a membership through our membership program) are invited to a screening of the film Racing Daylight, with a wine and cheese reception beginning at 6:45 PM. Directed by Rosendale Theatre Board member Nicole Quinn. Stars Academy Award winner Melissa Leo and David Strathairn. Q&A with the producer and director after the film. Become a member by January 4, 2012, and you are invited to this special event!


VOLUNTEERS WANTED: We are looking for individuals who are interested in participating on a committee that will be responsible for organizing and supervising work crews. Reaching out to local businesses for donated support, preparing and administering bids for needed work. Manage regular maintenance issues. The committee would meet once a month together but be available as needed for discussion. Work parties would be scheduled at each meeting for the following month.

CONTACT: Christopher (Sam) Pierce
Email: spierce@prg.com

Volunteer of the Week: Fern Revzin

Fern was a very early member of the Rosendale Theatre Collective. She and her sister donated the money to buy the theater’s digital projector. She has been a regular volunteer at all of the Collective’s fund raisers and now coordinates Rosendale Theatre memberships.  She also volunteers at the movies as ticket taker, concession seller, and […]


Best of British Theatre broadcast live to cinemas around the world! To purchase tickets in advance for any of these events by mail, (or consider the whole series as a gift), please send a check payable to the Rosendale Theatre Collective, Inc, att: NQ. Please memo: “name of play”, or “all four” and send to: […]

Volunteer of the Week

Volunteer of the Week – Fre Atlast Fre serves on the Board of Directors, many committees, and works as a shift leader at the nightly films. She is at the theater almost daily making sure things are running smoothly! When did you first come to the Rosendale Theatre? The first movie I saw at the […]


Introducing our brand new feature, VOLUNTEER OF THE WEEK! Each week or so we will feature one of the many volunteers that make the Rosendale Theatre happen. Ronald Whiteurs Ronald Whiteurs has been a steadfast volunteer at the theater since the early days of the Rosendale Theatre Collective. He works as a ticket taker and […]

Cinemas In Solidarity

Across the globe, as people are taking to the streets to redefine and reclaim the world they live in, Cinemas In Solidarity join with them in proposing a new, different, and better world. We, too, are the 99%. In our mass-mediated world – where studios make endless sequels to sell tickets, where films treat audiences […]

Children’s Matinee, Arm of the Sea Theater

What fun!!!!  The Arm of the Sea show on November 5th, Criss-Crossing Borders: The Panama Suitcase show, kids got to interact with the puppeteers after the show.  To see more photos click on the title above.

New Poster-Sized Calendar Sponsored by RollMagazine.com

Tom Grasso and his dog Fred are at the theater to hang our new poster-sized, full-color calendar sponsored by RollMagazine.com.  Tom is a volunteer on our Marketing Committee and thought, “It will be nice to have a beautiful color poster with the schedule displayed outside of the theater.” We agreed, but didn’t have it in […]