7:15 pm | Free admission  | 90 minutes | Live musical performance

Sheila Dee and The Dazzlers perform original, evocative, upbeat rock-n-roll music specializing in dynamic vocal harmonies that fill your ears.  The Rosendale based band is gearing up to record their first full-length album featuring the music of Sheila Dee in 2016.

“I have been singing as long as I can remember, but it is in the past 2 years the joys of songwriting have taken over my life and the creative muse has emanated from within, inspiring song after song. My goal is to share my music with as many people as possible, to connect with my audience from the stage, and grow as a performer with every new fan who experiences my music. sheiladee-400pxPerforming live is one of the most satisfying ways to share my music, but recording a full-length album is another huge step forward the band is seeking to make. We plan to use the live performance to promote our fundraising campaign for the independently produced Sheila Dee & The Dazzlers Album. This forum would be an ideal venue for us to perform, because getting a local gig which local Rosendale Fans can come to and enjoy my music has been incredibly challenging. There are lots of local music venues but it’s not easy to get in there with original music or some cache behind you.  I would absolutely feel like my work as an artist was being supported and uplifted by the opportunity to perform at the Rosendale Theatre.”

Logo_400 px Artists New Work Forum_Rosendale TheatreThe Artist’s New Work Forum provides an opportunity for artists to present new work or works-in-progress to the public. Admission is free, and audiences are asked to participate in a survey and Q&A immediately following the presentation with the artist(s). Gauging audience reaction is a key element to work-shopping the piece and is at the core of this program.


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