4:00 pm | $5 | Audience is asked to provide feedback after the performance

“People, Places, and Stuff That Happened,” a showcase of stories told in theatrical format, will be the offering at 4 P.M. at the Rosendale Theatre on Saturday, August 4. The production, a work-in-progress directed by Mary Lois Adshead, known locally for producing the Shakespeare Slam in Rosendale in 2016 and directing of two one-act plays in the group’s Short Play Festival in 2013, will be a collection of original stories performed by an impressive list of newcomers and favorite local performers.

Doug Motel, Terri Mateer, Sonia Terri, Jerry Wintrob, Mary Ann Forgey, Dana Page, and Johanna Winer—all will relate stories from their lives and portray characters within the stories. The event, conceived as a showcase for actors who write, includes childhood memories, comic situations, and more than one life-changing idea. Adshead envisioned it as not only a performance opportunity for actors, but also as a possible springboard to future productions at Rosendale or in other venues.

The Artist’s New Work Forum provides an opportunity for artists to present new work or works-in-progress to the public. Admission is only $5, and audiences are asked to participate in a survey and Q&A immediately following the presentation with the artist(s). Gauging audience reaction is a key element to work-shopping the piece and is at the core of this program.