Rosendale Theatre Collective Mission and Goals


The mission of the Rosendale Theatre Collective (RTC) is to preserve and operate the Rosendale Theatre, a historic Main Street anchor business crucial to the economic stability of downtown Rosendale, New York, and the cultural life of Rosendale and Ulster County residents through a multidisciplinary approach of arts and education programming, thereby raising the quality of life in our diverse community.

In order to ensure the long-term success of the theatre as a cultural epicenter for Rosendale and the surrounding region, the RTC will execute a robust and multifaceted business plan to accomplish the following outcomes:

Facilitation of a responsible and sustainable restoration, preservation, and enhancement of the theatre;

Support of and service to a diverse group of constituents, including independent and mainstream filmmakers, emerging and established artists, students and educators, and community arts organizations working in multiple genres, all in an inclusive, diverse, vibrant, and welcoming atmosphere; and

Cultivation of diverse revenue streams through development and fundraising strategies.

The Rosendale Theater Collective (RTC) provides a dynamic forum for presenting and producing world-class films and performance, arts, and education programs. With an emphasis on supporting local and regional artists, RTC works together with other arts organizations to sustain diverse cultural activities and exchanges for a wide audience, enhancing the economic and business development in our community.



Continue in the tradition of the Cacchio family by presenting independent and mainstream films, including foreign, documentary, and local productions. Continue current interaction with the Woodstock Film Festival and expand that relationship. As a public service, present screenings and discussions with local and independent writers, producers, directors, and actors.


Initially provide a space for independently produced theatrical productions and performance art, by renting the facility to local producers. In the future, evolve toward a local repertory production group.


Expand the ability of local musicians and concert producers to present unique and significant musical acts, from jazz, folk, and rock to classical, African, choral, and world music. Work toward producing some of these musical events in-house.


Encourage local dance companies to use the facility to present contemporary productions in jazz, modern, classical, experimental and folk traditions.


Enhance film, music, dance and theatrical entertainment, and educational programming for youth.

Visual Arts:

Use the lobby and additional spaces as available to present photography, graphic design, painting, posters, etc., about the theatre and performing arts above.


In order to present some of the most critical issues of our times to our community—be they local, regional, or global concerns–we will work to provide a venue for speakers, thereby encouraging discussions in the fields of science, politics, education, etc.

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