7:30 pm | $7 | 1 hr 27 min  |  Documentary, Drama, Family

The award-winning film A SONG FOR YOU tells the story of George and Gisela Karp who, together with their infant daughter, and after a harrowing 5-year journey, eventually escaped Nazi-occupied France by crossing the Pyrenees on foot with the help of the French Resistance. Over 20,000 other Jews made this same attempt to gain their freedom, yet it is estimated that fewer than 800 were successful. The odds against the Karps reaching safety were quite high – yet they made it through strength of will, perseverance, and with the help of others who risked their own lives to help save the family. The mother’s songs are threaded throughout the film, echoing the singing that brought relief and hope in desperate times. Film director Sharon Karp will host a post-film discussion with the audience.

A SONG FOR YOU TRAILER from Sharon Karp Media Monster on Vimeo.