Projection requirements at Rosendale Theatre

Projection requirements at Rosendale Theatre

Native Resolution:

2048 x 1080 for flat
2048 x 858 for scope
Any resolution will play fine

Video Format:

Any format should play, however

DVD vs Blu-ray:         

DVD is 720 x 480
Blu-ray can be 1920×1080
If your submission must be on a disc, then Blu-ray is drastically higher resolution

Drive format:

FAT, exFAT, NTFS preferred, HFS+ acceptable
USB 3, Firewire 400

Additional Info:

Our projector is an NEC NC900C. It is a commercial 2K DCP projector, which allows it to play commercial protected content.

We have a media server (a PC running Windows 7) that is connected to the projector through HDMI, which allows us to play alternative content as well as our slide advertising and trailers.

Our media server is capable of playing almost any video format. That being said, MP4 files at a high bitrate seem to play and look the best. There is no reason to convert your movie, however. We have a mac laptop available for playback if necessary.

There is no restriction on resolution. Natively our projector is 2048×1080. We can also show videos in scope at 2048×858. Note that this is not a higher resolution, but it does show up larger because it is zoomed to fit the full width of the screen.