Rentals Draft


Please fill out this preliminary INTAKE FORM. Be sure to use the scroll bar to fill out everything, then at the bottom click SUBMIT!

More information, prices, forms and contracts are located at the bottom of this page, below the Intake Form.

All requests for use of the theater goes before the Programming Committee that meets twice a month. You will receive notice once reviewed.


Rosendale Theatre Rental Fees

OFF-PEAK FILMS: Tuesday, Wednesday 7:30 pm, Saturday & Sunday 1:00 pm, Friday & Saturday 9:30 pm.

  • $300 / non-profit $250
  • $250 + $50 non-refundable (if cancel 6 weeks prior)
  • Separate fee for projectionist hire: $30 per hour

OFF-PEAK LIVE EVENTS: Tuesday, Wednesday 7:30, Saturday & Sunday 1:00 pm.

  • $350 / non-profit $300
  • $300 + $50 non-refundable (if cancel 6 weeks prior)
  • Sustainability Fee $1 per ticket
  • Separate fee for projectionist hire: $30 per hour
  • 4 hours rehearsal time included in price. More hours are available for $26 per hour.

PEAK LIVE EVENT: Friday & Saturday 7:30 pm & 9:30 pm

  • $50 non-refundable deposit (if cancel 6 weeks prior)
  • $500 minimum (includes deposit) / $1000 Maximum cap (The theater never takes more than $1000)
  • 60/40% split on ticket sales
  • Separate fee for projectionist hire: $30 per hour


  • 60% of the box office to renter 40% to RTC
  • Percentages are calculated after expenses
  • Theater will receive a minimum of $500 and will cap their 40% at $1000. All proceeds after $1000 go to the renter.

CONCESSIONS SALES: All concession sales are property of and run by the Rosendale Theatre

MERCHANDISE: All renter’s merchandise can be sold in the lobby and all monies belong to the renter.


Forms for the Rosendale Theatre are centrally located here. Download what you need. Questions can go to Ann Citron, Director by email to

AGREEMENT OVERVIEW: This contains all the information you would need to know about the Rosendale Theatre and its rental policies. Also included in this document is a section on marketing and all that is involved in producing an event.

CONTRACTS for off-peak rentals and co-productions, once your program has been approved: