Rosendale Theatre Advertising Options


Audience Duration Options Price
Weekly online newsletter 1800 week Once a week for 4 weeks Link through $100 per month
Monthly printed calendar handout or poster
1000 per month Month-long Logo or coupon $75 per month
Website Sponsor 900 per week Month-long Logo $75
PreShow on screen 2,500 per month Your slide repeats 2 times per night prior to the screening. (Does not run during rentals or live theater) 1, 3, 6 or 12 month package deals $75/$50 non-profit
Sponsor a program series Varies Varies Become a corporate sponsor for an on-going or one-time event $250 – $1000 (request specific details)




Weekly Newsletter E-mail

We currently have close to 1800 people on our email list. Your ad here will link to your website.

Monthly Calendar

Each month we print a calendar with the month’s movies and special programs.  These are available at the theater, which an average of 2,500 people visit each month.  We expect that people will post these in their homes for a month of viewing.  This calendar is also the number one page visited on our website:

We also print a poster-sized calendar. It is displayed outside in our poster case for the entire month. This is a separate advertising opportunity, not included with the monthly handout and costs the same.

Website Sponsor

We have an average of 900 visitors per week to our website. Your logo will link directly to your website from this address

Pre-show on screen slide show (more info scroll down)

Prior to each screening (an average of 35 per month) your advertisement can be seen on the big screen. We limit these to 25 ad spaces to ensure high viewership with a minimum of two 10 second views of your business’s slide.

Sponsor a program series or live theatrical event

Prices vary depending on the event and the length of the event series. An example of some opportunities include Dance Film Sundays, Sunday Silent Film Series, Artist’s New Work Forum, and the Music Fan Film Series. Live theatrical events occur at least 5 times a year. Details available by writing

Credit in press release to media outlets
Credit on poster and flyers
Credit on Pre-show slide
Credit on Rosendale Theatre’s website event post
Credit by placing an ad in the event’s program
Complimentary tickets to the event


On-Screen Pre-Show Advertising Rates & Guidelines

We offer an elegant pre-show slide program which is a perfect option for local advertisers. Each ad is featured in 12 second intervals, at least two times throughout the preshow.  Your advertisement can be seen on the big screen up to 90 times a month, reaching an audience of 2500.  Slideshows are limited to 25 ad spaces to ensure high viewership.

Deadlines: Ads are due on the 25th of each month.  New ads start on the 1st of the month.

Rates: (per slide, per 4-week period)
Monthly charges (every four weeks)
Businesses $75
Non-profit organizations  $50

Price Packages:
$75 per month Business Rate Discounts:
Buy 3 months in advance ($225 value) get $25 off and pay only $200.
Buy 6 months in advance ($450 value) get $50 off and pay only $400.
Buy 1 year in advance ($900 value) get $125 off and pay only $775.

$50 per month Non-Profit Rate Discounts:
Buy 3 months in advance ($150 value) get $25 off and pay only $125.
Buy 6 months in advance ($300 value) get $50 off and pay only $250.
Buy 1 year in advance ($600 value) get $125 off and pay only $475.

Electronic File Specs for Pre-Show Rosendale Theatre Collective:

Image Size:  1280 pixels width x 720 pixel height

Resolution: 72

File Format:  PDF, JPG, TIFF are preferred formats.

Border: Maintain a half-inch “safety border” on all outside edges.  Try not to have important words or numbers exceed this boundary.

Fonts:  No smaller than 24 pt.  Don’t use thin script fonts.  Keep copy to 20-25 words.

Payment terms and methods:
All ads must be paid for in advance.
Checks payable to: Rosendale Theatre Collective
Mail to:
The Rosendale Theatre Collective
PO BOX 545, Rosendale, NY, 12472


Material must be suitable for all ages.

We do not accept political or religious ads.

Rosendale Theatre cannot guarantee the placement of any ad in the rotation order.

Customer supplied advertisements will be reviewed for quality and content by the theatre and will be accepted or declined on a case by case basis.

The Rosendale Theatre reserves the right to refuse advertisers.


 One of our designers can create a slide for you!
Production Information:

1 slide layout design = $50

Simply deliver a CD your images, logo, text, and any required fonts to the Rosendale Theatre box office during show times or email work to  We will ask you to approve the final artwork before we start showing your advertisement.

*Acceptable formats for images TIFF, JPG, & PDF, although the slide itself is 72 res, we recommend using 300 dpi content to go into your slide.

*Acceptable formats for text: Microsoft Word (please don’t embed images in the document), Plain text: .TXT, Email


Sample Slides: