Men’s Beauty Pageant (Hosted by Hudson Valley BRAWL)

Men’s Beauty Pageant (Hosted by Hudson Valley BRAWL)

Friday, April 13th, 2018

8:00 pm |  doors open @ 7 pm | $15/$25 priority seating!

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Hudson Valley BRAWL, the mid-Hudson Valley’s charity fund raising, theatrical women’s arm wrestling league, has conspired once again to bring you the second ever Men’s Beauty Pageant. Eight contestants, self identifying as men, will compete for the illusive crown in three categories; talent, swimwear and evening attire. Do not miss the live event, Friday April 13th, held again at the Rosendale Theater, where the first pageant’s diverse and eclectic contestants’ displays of masculinity and individuality tickled a sold out audience. Expect heart rending displays of earnestness, gender-bending feats of fancy, live performances to bring down the house and a well needed reprieve from the all too current stew of toxic masculinity. Join us as we uproariously flip the script, celebrating the vibrancy and complexity of men’s beauty within the glitz and ferocity of the time tested, deliciously sexist pageant format.

The pageant features guest celebrity judges and 2nd place winner Flamingo Delecta, DJ Ali spinning tunes and 8 beautiful male contestants…